The Revelation of Jesus Christ


The Revelation of Jesus Christ
A Study by Chris Zimmerman

Finally a Bible study made easy for one of the least read and least understood books in the Bible. But it is the Word of God and He gave it to us for a purpose.  He wanted those in Christ to know what the future would hold for this world.  God wants us to know and believe not only the Lamb of God, but the coming Lion of Judah. This book is the revealing of Who Jesus Christ really is.  He came first to save the world and He’s coming again to judge the world.  But for those in Christ there is nothing to fear. Expand your knowledge of the events that are yet to take place and you will find peace.  It is the only book that comes with a promise of blessings for those who read it.  So dig in and growth your faith by studying and knowing His Word.  You will not only trust but know that He has ALL things under control.


Chris Zimmerman has been a Christian for most of her life.  She has taught the Word for over 20 years, leading Bible studies in churches, in her home and via the internet.  She has also spoken to a variety of groups about living for Jesus Christ.  She has written thousands of devotionals and sends one out every day to people all over the world.  She has conducted live webinars on Revelation, which are located on her web site. To find out more about this go to:    She lives in Bonita Springs, FL with her husband Dr. Alan Zimmerman ( ).  She and her husband have done mission trips together as well as conducted marriage enrichment cruises. For more information about her ministries for speaking or other books, please email

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