Luke 6:12-16
12 One day soon afterward Jesus went to a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. 13 At daybreak he called together all of his disciples and chose twelve of them to be apostles. Here are their names: 14 Simon (he also called him Peter),    Andrew (Peter’s brother),    James,    John,    Philip,    Bartholomew, 15 Matthew,    Thomas,    James (son of Alphaeus),    Simon (the Zealot), 16 Judas (son of James), Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him).
Holy Bible, New Living Translation, (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.) 1996.

Through out the Gospel writers note that before every important event in Jesus’ life, He took time to go off by Himself and pray.  Jesus was preparing to chose His inner circle of disciples.  He had many disciples (learners), but He chose only 12 to become apostles (messengers).  The apostles were His inner circle to whom He gave special training and whom He sent out to build His Church. Christ needed to know the Father’s will completely in this matter and took time to pray through the night.  He had a direct connection to the Father to know His will in this matter, just as we have a direct connection to the Father because of what Christ did for us.  If He needed to spend a lot of time to know the Father’s will how much more do we?  Do you take the time to know what direction God would have you go?  Do not use prayer for a way to try and control what God does for you; it is a way for you to put yourself under His control.  There is a big difference.  Sometimes we do need to go a certain direction until God directs us differently, but most of the time we need to wait until we hear from Him until we move.  Follow the example Christ gave and take the time to know what the Father would have for you to do.

Have a God Day!