1 Timothy 6:9-12
6 Yet true religion with contentment is great wealth. 7 After all, we didn’t bring anything with us when we came into the world, and we certainly cannot carry anything with us when we die. 8 So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content. 9 But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is at the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. 11 But you, Timothy, belong to God; so run from all these evil things, and follow what is right and good. Pursue a godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight for what we believe. Hold tightly to the eternal life that God has given you, which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.
Holy Bible, New Living Translation, (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.) 1996

God hasn’t called us to be happy according to the world’s standards, He has called us to be faithful. Happiness is nothing but a passing state of mind, a whisper that you can not hold onto but many chase with everything they have. Everywhere people are working themselves to death trying to achieve the symbols of success. Thinking that this will bring them happiness. This search can knock us out of sync with God. As Jesus showed us, a life of success is a life in obedience to God. This is where we find our joy. Pursuit of a godly life, a life lived for Christ is where our peace is found. Being obedient to Christ will lead to something more profound than happiness, it will lead to everlasting joy.

Have a God Day!