Romans 3:21-31
21 But now God has shown us a different way of being right in his sight-not by obeying the law but by the way promised in the Scriptures long ago. 22 We are made right in God’s sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done. 23 For all have sinned; all fall short of God’s glorious standard. 24 Yet now God in his gracious kindness declares us not guilty. He has done this through Christ Jesus, who has freed us by taking away our sins. 25 For God sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins and to satisfy God’s anger against us. We are made right with God when we believe that Jesus shed his blood, sacrificing his life for us. God was being entirely fair and just when he did not punish those who sinned in former times. 26 And he is entirely fair and just in this present time when he declares sinners to be right in his sight because they believe in Jesus. 27 Can we boast, then, that we have done anything to be accepted by God? No, because our acquittal is not based on our good deeds. It is based on our faith. 28 So we are made right with God through faith and not by obeying the law. 29 After all, God is not the God of the Jews only, is he? Isn’t he also the God of the Gentiles? Of course he is. 30 There is only one God, and there is only one way of being accepted by him. He makes people right with himself only by faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles. 31 Well then, if we emphasize faith, does this mean that we can forget about the law? Of course not! In fact, only when we have faith do we truly fulfill the law.
Holy Bible, New Living Translation, (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.) 1996.

We all fall short of God’s glorious standard and we all have sinned. There is not a person living who has not sinned. All need the grace of God to receive forgiveness. But sometimes we put levels on our sin. We believe that some sin is worse than others. Like murder is worse than lying or adultery is worse than breaking the law by speeding. God does not put levels on sin. Levels on sin is a man thing! Sin is sin and all sin separates from God. No one will enter into the presence of God with any sin. All sin needs to be covered by the Blood of Christ. Remember this the next time you are tempted to look down on another sinner because you think their sin is worse than yours. God looks at you both the same way. Both of you need the same forgiveness and neither will enter Heaven with any sin. We are only made right with God when we believe that Jesus shed His blood for us. No matter what you have done, all sin can be covered and no sin is greater than the other. We are made right with God when we believe that Jesus shed his blood, sacrificing his life for us. And only when God looks at us through the blood of Christ will we be made right with Him and spend eternity with Him.

Have a God Day!